We unlock your digital strategy using technology & data.

Stacktonic helps ambitious marketing teams to modernize and optimize their marketing efforts by using technology and data. We’re aiming to find the right balance between people, process and technology. We make sure that your team can leverage marketing technology more effectively and innovatively. Regardless of the organization’s maturity.

Krisjan Oldekamp

Krisjan Oldekamp
Independent consultant

Bridging the gap between marketing & technology

Leveraging business, digital marketing and technical experience, we can help you to improve and execute your marketing & data strategy. Projects typically span multiple teams and disciplines. Talking the same language as management, marketers and developers, we can operate efficiently and maximize results. Turning strategy into action.

Haarlem, The Netherlands
CoC: 87730790

Our services


Assessment of martech, data, people and knowledge. Defining maturity and business challenges. Uncovering bottlenecks and opportunities, solid recommendations and input for strategy development.

Marketing & customer data strategy

Developing or improving a data-driven marketing / customer data strategy based on insights. Building a clear roadmap to turn strategy into action.

Team, roles and workflow

Make no mistake, it’s people-first. How should teams work together, what kind of roles do you need and how do you make sure knowledge is embedded within the organization.

Areas of expertise

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)
Marketing Automation
Personalization Platforms
Marketing Clouds
Analytics Platforms
Tag Management Systems (TMS)
Measurement & Tracking
Dashboards & Visualization (BI)
Cloud Data Platforms
Data Management Platforms (DMP)
Data Architecture
Data Warehousing
Data Engineering
Data Modeling
Data Activation
Reverse ETL
CRO / Testing Platforms


What clients say

In short: Krisjan is the best digital data expert I’ve been working with until now. What makes him the best? He is both technically and commercially oriented. There are few people who speak both languages and that’s why he only needs a few words in order to come up with not only good advice but also a complete implementation regarding marketing data structures, legal online data issues, online personalization and online marketing ROI measurement. A priceless guy in my opinion who can assist many companies in taking the necessary marketing data steps needed to be ready for the future.

Marcel van den TopTeamlead Marketing Data

I have been working with Krisjan for around 6 years in my role at HEMA, he helped HEMA improving their data, cloud and analytics infrastructure and brought it to the next level and ready for the future. He definitely knows where he is talking about and is one of those guys who can make technical solutions understandable for Senior Management.

Daniel FrancoManager Media & Advertising

I have been working closely together with Krisjan for more than 8 years at Oogst and Merkle. Both in his role as Marketing Technology lead and also for numerous clients. Krisjan has a real in-depth knowledge about technology in general and almost all relevant Marketing Technology stacks/tools, at the same time Krisjan is able to understand marketing and businesses. In my opinion Krisjan is one of the few who can combine technology and business/marketing. So if you need somebody who can create a true connection between those two worlds Krisjan is definitely the one you need. At the same time Krisjan is a true nice guy and fun to work with.

Arjen Hettinga(former) Managing Director

Krisjan has the capability to turn marketing technology & data issues into clear business opportunities by really understanding and elevating your technology stack. He has the ability to make complex matters look simple and really brought HEMA to the next level regarding marketing automation and personalization.

Tim van den BergCRM Lead

Krisjan has been a great consultant to have on our side in the past 5 years. His deep understanding of digital analytics and the marketing tech stack landscape has been essential in making the right technology choices for the future of our business.

Robin WeberLead Marketing Automation